Bravo Indochina Tours and Bravo Expedtion intergate to create Asia Destination Management Company


In its first step towards becoming top travel brand in Asia, Bravo Indochina Tours has announced its intergation with Bravo Expedtion – an established ground operator for Australia – to create an experience DMC (Destination Management  Company) in Asia.  Bravo Expedtion will focus on enhancing destination expertise and delivering local guiding and services to worldwide business partners as well as rolling-out more sustainability efforts on a larger scale.

Speaking to Media in an exclusive interview ahead of the announcement, Bravo Expedtion’s CEO, Toni Tran, previously managing director of Bravo Indochina Tours, said: “Part of this merge (related) a strong aim to B2B partners. For a long time, we’ve noticed that a lot of DMCs look and feel a little bit B2C. If you look at their websites and offerings, they’re targeting the B2C market as well. But we’ve come to realise that for us, we can add the greatest value to our B2B partners.”

“The plan for the Asia DMC network is to continue to grow across the world through acquisitions or organic start-ups. When that happens, it’s very difficult to maintain so many brands across the world and it confuses our customers,” he shared.

Bravo Indochina currently mainly operates in Indochina Region and now with Bravo Expedtion it will expand to many countries in Asia like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Buhtan, India and mainland China. Bravo Expedtion also operate some new brand

Like ), E-Tours (Focus on Domestic & Outbound in Vietnam), Asia Cruise Excursions ( Offering shore excursions and tours in all ports in Asia for Cruise travellers from all over the world to discover the mysterious Asia)

Toni Tran, CEO of Bravo Expedtion, said in a statement: “Bravo Expedition is also able to create tailor-made in-destination services. The strong position Bravo Indochina Tours has had in responsible tourism will be carried into the new brand and strengthened through further initiatives and implementations across Bravo Expedtion’s expanding number of destinations.”

The brand intergation entails providing stronger in-destination support for clients and their travellers by improving and maintaining consistent service standards. Our knowledge in Asia, our specialist and our passion of Asia travel is at the heart of our business. This merger will not about changing who we are – believed that through our core values, consistent outstanding service and close cooperation with partners, our goal as a Asia leading DMC Company will be achieved in the near future,” he said.

The new merging will be completed by end 2020 and showcased at the ITB in Berlin next year